MozFdn March 2010 status update

March 29, 2010 § 5 Comments

As we near the end of Q1 2010, we are starting to see good early results from Drumbeat and other Mozilla engagement efforts. For example, the first P2PU Open Web course has started and our first Drumbeat local events have took place in Rio and Sao Paulo with a bang. This is in large part due to amazing community members who have already stepped forward to share ideas, lead projects and organize events, especially in Europe and Brasil.

Of course, we’re still at the seedling stage. We now need to move to a place where large numbers of people can participate in Drumbeat, and where it’s easy and obvious for almost anyone on the web to ‘support Mozilla’ with their  to time or donation. While these next steps will require even more work, I’m increasingly confident that we can succeed if we continue to push and grow the community as we have over the past three months.

My March Mozilla Foundation status update provides a detailed overview on all of this, both progress to date and challenges ahead. It uses the same slidecast format that I started with my January update. Here it is:

You can also view this in open video (ogg theora) or download the slide deck (PDF).

This slidecast offers slightly shorter version of info presented at our most recent board meeting. I’ll continue to provide these updates every two months, following the board meeting schedule. Comments welcomed here on my blog or by email.

§ 5 Responses to MozFdn March 2010 status update

  • Archaeopteryx says:

    The PDF is a 404 (not found).

  • msurman says:

    Strange. I just clicked and downloaded. Send me mail a mark at mozilla foundation dot org and I can send to you directly.

  • Archaeopteryx says:

    Thanks, I tried it in a new profile and could read it there. I have tried with referer and cookies enabled, but the problem persists in the default profile (it shows a wordpress 404 page).

  • steven says:

    Nothing about Presentation Challenge… :((
    ah well.

  • msurman says:

    Steven: sorry about that, but definitely not off radar. We didn’t get much take up in the Ignite round so are looking for ways to extend the presentation challenge, make it bigger. Thoughts?

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