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April 4, 2015 § 3 Comments

Over the next six months, I need to write up an initial design for Mozilla Academy (or whatever we call it). The idea: create a global classroom and lab for the citizens of the web, using Mozilla’s existing community and learning programs as a foundation. Ultimately, this is about empowerment — but we also want to build something as impactful as Firefox. So, whatever we need to do needs to really make sense as a large scale philanthropy play, a viable business or both.

I’m looking for a MBA-ish (or MPA-ish) type person to work closely with me and others across Mozilla as part of this design process. It’s someone who wants to:

  • Write
  • Project manage
  • Help clarify our offerings
  • Benchmark our offerings
  • Size markets
  • Understand where the opportunities are
  • Figure out revenue and cost models
  • Work with our community
  • Work with partners
  • Coordinate people who have ideas
  • Call bullshit on me and others
  • Simplify complex ideas with diagrams
  • Make slides that are beautiful
  • Call bullshit on me and others

The role is: a right hand person to work with me and the Mozilla community to together an initial Mozilla Academy design and business plan. This could be someone early in their career looking to make a mark. Or someone senior in a career transition looking to pitch in on something big. It’s a full time contract roll for approx 6 months.

If we are successful, we will have put the blueprints together for a global classroom and lab for the citizens of the Web, that can scale to tens of millions of people, with a robust business model. This is a project for the ambitious!

If you think you are this person, please send an email to Phia <at> mozillafoundation.org (my assistant). Tell her why you want this role and why you’re the right person to fill it. And, if you know someone who is right for this role, please pass this post on to them. I’m hoping to have someone in place on this work by the end of April, so time is of the essence if you’re interested.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Why not put the role up on Careers? Nepotism is a bad thing.

  • msurman says:

    Good point re: careers page. Happy to post there if we use for short term contracts. I’m not sure if we do. On nepotism, avoiding that is the exact reason I posted here. A number of colleagues have already suggested people who could do this. I blogged / tweeted / opened up for anyone to apply via Phia to make sure we have more diverse options. We’ve already got an interesting set of people stepping forward from places I wouldn’t have expected.

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