What’s up with Webmaker? (Q1)

February 2, 2015 Comments Off on What’s up with Webmaker? (Q1)

I’ve talked lots about our Mozilla Learning plan for the next three years. If you haven’t seen it, there’s a new summary of the overall plan here: https://blog.webmaker.org/2015_plan. I also did a talk in Portland with an overview:

Of course, three years is a long time. And the the scope of the Mozilla Learning plan is very broad: everything from basic web literacy to more advanced web development to growing the next generation of Mozilla leaders.

In this post I want to zoom in to lay out more detail about the Webmaker parts of this plan. What are we working on over the next 60 days? What will the Webmaker world look like April 1? How will it take our first step towards the overall plan? And what does success look like for 2015?

At a high level, the Webmaker side of our 2015 plans is focused on two things: relationships and reach. We want to build and deepen relationships with more people — Webmaker users, mentors, and future leaders. And we want to extend those relationships into more places. Our specific goals are to reach 250,000 active Webmaker users by the end of the year and to be active in 500 cities with ongoing learning network.

In the immediate term, we’re focused on testing out the theories we have about how we meet these goals. This includes testing out our thinking on Webmaker clubs and finding ways to get users more engaged with the online side of Webmaker.

  • For Learning Networks, our Q1 goals are:
    • Test new Webmaker Clubs model in 20 cities
    • Retain volunteer mentors recruited last year. Make sure they stay engaged (goal: 4K).
    • Increase the number of Hive cities to 10.
  • For Learning Products, our Q1 goals are:
    • Increase Webmaker for desktop and mobile monthly active users to 5% of monthly unique visitors (current = 2.07%)
    • Signal our emphasis on mobile, with the Webmaker app beta launches at Mobile World Congress (Mar 2 – 5)
    • Start exploring early ways we might include webmaking directly into Firefox by prototyping 5 Firefox for Making concepts

Of course, these are just our top six priorities. There is alot more going on. Which raises the question: what are you working on and what do you think is important? I’m interested in hearing more from you. Please post your reflections using #webmaker on Twitter, to the Planet Webmaker aggregated blog or get in touch.

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