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January 12, 2015 Comments Off on My priorities

I usually write down a list of personal priorities at the start of each year. I’ve done the same this year, but with a twist. I haven’t just listed things that me and my org need to do, I also wrote some notes on where I want to focus more energy. With the aim of being transparent on how I plan to spend my time, I’ve posted all this below.



Big for 2015 (Mark)

Mozilla University concept is clear, we have logic model that explains
Money is starting to emerge around this model, fundraising tells our story
Board is stronger, we have new members and growing bench strength
New approaches to participation in play pan-Mozilla, it’s working
MoFo feels more sustainable and humane, on all levels

Big for 2015 (MoFo)

We know the communities we’ve built much better, they are part of us
Local learning community model that works, fits MoFo logic model
Software that people like / use / get value from
Research / lab / fellows model that is clear
Clear leaders and metrics for each product and program


Optimism and kindness
People feeling included and empowered
People on staff spending time with our volunteers
Transparency and internal comms flow in all directions
Genuine traction and impact — depth


Noise and churn
Navel gazing

Things to write soon

Transparency habits
2015 priorities
Mozilla Learning starter post
Radical participation notes
Mozilla learning planning / engagement arc
Webmaker clubs, why and what

The other reason I write this sort of stuff down is to get feedback. I’m going to ask the people on my management team if there are big things missing from this list. However, I’m open to hearing input: if you’re someone at Mozilla or in my general orbit who things there are big topics missing from this list of how I plan to spend 2015, I’d be interested to hear from you. Either here as a comment or privately by email.

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