A Webmaker tour in photos

September 15, 2013 § 6 Comments

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended some Maker Party events in different parts of the world over the past two weeks — London, Manila, Surabaya. Here are some photos and basic stats about the events.

1. London, Make the Web at Campus Party

Make the Web was a large space inside of Telefonica’s Campus Party in London, with hundreds of young people moving through to learn about the web.

Campus Party

It included workshops and demos from Telefonica Think Big, FreeFormers, Code Club, Firefox Student Ambassadors, Pop Up Talent, Webmaker, Code First Girls, Fluency and the new Mozilla Appmaker project.

Campus Party

Huge thanks to Helen Parker and the Telefonica Think Big team for being the leaders in putting this together.

2. Manila, Maker Party Makati

In Manila, the local Mozilla community organized a straight up Webmaker Maker Party on a Friday evening.

Maker Party Manila

Approximately 50 people gathered for a Mozilla talk, Thimble and pizza in the training room of Globe Labs.

Maker Party Manila

The participants ranged from high school students to IT consultants to a father in his 50s interested in teaching his kids. We met a number of new potential mentors there that we will follow up with.

Maker Party Manila

Thanks to Faye, Jun, Bob and the whole Mozilla Philippines community for organizing this.

3. Surabaya, SMAN11 School Maker Party

In Surabaya, Indonesia, the Mozilla community worked with a local school to run an all day Maker Party for 100 students.

Surabaya Maker Party

It started with a spectrogram exercise that asked people ‘should students be allowed to have their phones in the classroom’. This was followed by a Mozilla talk and working on the ‘postcard’ template in Thimble.

Surabaya Maker Party

Over 70 makes were published. More importantly, the teacher and school IT club expressed an interest in doing follow up events they would run themselves.

4. Surabaya, Hive Pop Up

On the following day, the local Mozilla team organized a Hive Pop Up with students and teachers from over 40 schools. The city government was also involved.

Hive Surabaya Pop Up

The event included hands on learning stations for robots, Firefox OS, animation, Webmaker, paper toy making and batik. As with any Hive Pop Up, this just gave students and teachers involved a taste of what is possible.

Hive Surabaya Pop Up

Many had an interest in going further with the idea of setting up a Hive community in Surabaya.

Hive Surabaya Pop Up

Both Surabaya events were organized by the amazing Benny, Yoe One, Viking and others from across the Mozilla Indonesia community.

I’m sharing this overview mostly as context for my upcoming posts on what we’re learning from the Maker Party Lab that we ran over the past four months. Also, to give you a snapshot of what Mozilla communities are doing around the world with Webmaker — you people are amazing!

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