Drumbeat Festival 2010: quick report

November 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

I did a quick report out on the DrumbeatLearning, Freedom and the Web‘ Festival at last week’s Mozilla Community meeting. Here is a slidecast of the talk:

It’s very much from a Mozilla perspective, so watch it in the light. And also look at some of the other awesome reports. My main points in the talk were:

  1. The Festival was awesome in terms of energy, diversity and format. People from different worlds (web + learning) became a real community, the connections are still rippling.
  2. It was a great chance to demo the ‘Drumbeat formula’ -> passionate people + creative hackers = cool shit for the web. Hackfests at Drumbeat created new WebMadeMovies demos and P2PU School of Webcraft app prototypes.
  3. We added rocket fuel to the work of some amazing innovators in the world of learning and education. There are at least five new web + learning projects coming out of Drumbeat, looks like more.

Of course, not everything went perfectly in Barcelona. The good news: we’re going to do it again next year, probably with a different theme. I’ll post soon with thoughts on next year including what we can do better.

Ps. The slidecast above comes from awesome HTML5 slide tools made by Paul Rouget and Autl Varma. You can see original slides here.

PPS. I promise not to say ‘awesome’ again for another 3 months. 🙂


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