10 days of freedom in Barcelona

August 27, 2010 § 3 Comments

I just had a fun breakfast with Simona Levi from ExGAE/ / oXcars. What I learned: Learning, Freedom and the Web isn’t the only interesting thing happening in Barcelona two months from now. There are at least seven open internet / open education / free culture events happening over the span of 10 days.

Between October 28 and November 6, Barcelona will host: the 2000 person oXcars free culture festival; the Free Culture Forum; the P2PU summit; Open Education 2010; Drumbeat Learning, Freedom and the Web; an open ed play day in the Raval; and possibly a Communia meeting. Phew.

We should find a way to shout and promote all of this. Barcelona will be the global epicentre of free culture / open education / open web stuff for 10 days this fall! We need a phrase or a name for it. ‘10 days of freedom‘? ‘Barcelona abierto‘? Not sure, but Simona and I agreed to call out for suggestions. If you have ideas, post them below.

PS. goes w/o saying -> book an extended trip to Barcelona if you can.

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  • That´s why I love this city. If you want you can go to one event every day. Maybe I do a 21 days of events marathon once.

    Like your idea of creating a concept about this. sure there are more events in this time. You could also do it for 1 month. all events would win from such a cooperation which wouldn´t be a lot of extra work. depending what you want to do.

    Our WebBar Event would join to and adapt with e.g. talks/presentations about free web culture/open internet etc. Or provide you a space/location/network etc. Could also imagine helping you personally from my side if you want. I´m very altruistic to say no to the whole “open” topic.

    One name I like beside your suggestion

    – OpenBarcelona! 10 days of freedom

    (nice logo would be makint the barce10na (l -> 1) for the 10 days. “open” is more international than “abierto”)

    thanks for the summmary, nice to see even more events.

    let me know

  • Sam says:

    Personally I’d support “Barcelona Libre” or similar, as “libre” is a Spanish word widely known due to the “free/libre” software. https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Libre#Libre

  • A shared timetable / calendar for these similar things going on in different parts of the city would be very helpful (specially a nice, downloadable and cheap paper version 🙂

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