February Mozilla Drumbeat update

February 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

Last month, I posted the first ‘drumbeat update’. Since then we’ve made significant progress — getting the web site ready to go, getting projects rolling and locking down plans for our first community events. Here is February’s update.




  • Development of ‘bootstrap projects‘ moving fast. A few notable areas of progress:
    • Privacy Icons Challenge -> 30 lawyers met late January to brainstorm a legal spec. Updates based on this coming soon.
    • P2PU Open Web Career Track -> First course will be run by John Britton starting in March. Registration opens late February.
    • WebMadeMovie -> Initial shoots scheduled to take place at Drumbeat Sao Paulo + Rio (March) and ROFLcon in Boston (April).
    • Visualizing the (open) internet -> Tentatively planning to do first visualization demo at Rhizome’s 7×7 event in NYC in April.
  • We expect more new project ideas to start flowing in once the web site launches. Until then, please post your project ideas to the Drumbeat wiki.


  • Rough notes on Drumbeat event process posted. Feedback happening in this discussion thread.
  • Close-to-final dates for Drumbeat Rio (March 20) and Drumbeat Sao Paulo (March 22)
    • Will provide a chance to propose projects, or just discuss the open web
    • Also, will train people from other Brasilian cities to run their own events
    • Contact me if you want to organize an event somewhere else in Brasil
  • Rough dates for Drumbeat Boston (late April) and Drumbeat Berlin (early May)
  • Also, Mozilla Drumbeat presence at SXSW Austin planned for March

Web site

  • Developer version of the Drumbeat web site planned for release within the next week (security review willing!).
    • Main goal: get people leading bootstrap projects can to create a presence on the site and to test our thinking at the same time.
    • Also, we want to get the tech side of our community critiquing / hacking / improving the site.
    • Highest priority hacking: improvements to the ‘project pages’ section of the site.
  • We will ‘release’ the site once we’ve had significant input from project developers and tech contributors, probably in April.
  • Places we need most help are: Drupal hacking, design and QA. Check out website management page if you want to help.
  • Also, interested in feedback on the Drumbeat project process information that will be posted on the site.

The aim with these monthly update posts is to provide a high level overview for people who aren’t deeply involved in Drumbeat. For more detail or to get involved, jump into the Drumbeat wiki and newsgroup.

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