Why is there flash video on my blog?

February 9, 2010 § 14 Comments

A number of people have asked me: why do you still have Flash based videos on your blog?

The answer: my blog is hosted on wordpress.com, which strips out the video tag and also does not (yet) have it’s HTML5 video player. There is a trick to get around the video tag being stripped for self hosted WordPress, but not for wordpress.com.

The good news is that WordPress is working on their own HTML5 video player. Also, there is a bug filed to fix the issue of stripping out the video tag. Also good: wordpress.com automatically encodes everything you upload to Videopress into Ogg Theora. So, when HTML5 video does arrive, it will be Ogg ready.

As a happy wordpress.com customer (love the service) with a fair bit of traffic at commonspace.wordpress.com it’s worth it to me to wait around until the HTML5 video issue is fixed. In the meantime, I am posting all of my videos directly to wordpress.com using Videopress (and their Flash player) and also providing a link to the Ogg Theora version for people who would rather watch my videos natively in the browser.

PS. If anyone has a workaround that doesn’t involve leaving wordpress.com, would love to hear about it.

§ 14 Responses to Why is there flash video on my blog?

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