Need feedback: generic Drumbeat slides

February 9, 2010 § 11 Comments

With Drumbeat gathering steam, a number people have asked for generic slides that they can use to spread the word. Which is amazing. I’ve taken a first shot at generic Drumbeat slides plus a voice over here:

[ ?posts_id=3214249&dest=-1]

You can also download the slides (PDF) or view the open video (ogg theora). The open video is actually nicer to watch than the embed above.

My goal with this version is to get feedback from people so that I can then do something more polished. I have two questions:

  1. If you were in the audience, does this presentation provide you with a good intro to Drumbeat? If not, what additional topics would you want to see covered?
  2. As a presenter, do the slides plus my voice over give you what you need to give a talk? If not, what else could I provide?

There are a couple of people who have offered to give Drumbeat talks in late February. So, I’ll take comments for a week or so and then post a revised slides in remixable form.

§ 11 Responses to Need feedback: generic Drumbeat slides

  • Fantastic resource to have! It’s kind of cut off on the right-hand side in the embedded ( version. Might be possible to re-size the player size at blip? Or just one more reason to use the OGG version instead! 😉

  • deimidis says:

    Some thoughts

    1: I think that slides are clear about what Drumbeat is. Maybe it’s not completely clear why Mozilla has to make that, and no other organization. Some focus in Mozilla Mission or Manifesto.

    2: An Extended explanation of the open web and actual threats is needed. Maybe some examples of actual threats to make easy to explain to the audience. Links to three projects that you talk about.

  • sashank says:

    When is the drumbeat website being opened ?
    We missed you at TERI , Bangalore recently.

    • msurman says:

      Krishna: sorry about missing the TERI event. I should be back in Banglore by mid-year, I hope. Site should launch in ‘developer version’ in next few weeks.

      • sashank says:

        What is a developer version of the website ?

        Also where are our Speaker T Shirts promised at TERI Bangalore 🙂

      • msurman says:

        Developer version:

        The main goal is to get people leading bootstrap projects can to create a presence on the site and to test our thinking at the same time. See list of projects here:

        Also, we want to get the tech side of our community critiquing / hacking / improving the site.

        We won’t be promoting widely to the public yet. We want projects and site improvements before that.


        Hmmm. I thought that was handled. Sent some mail about it in January. Let me look into it.

  • GPHemsley says:

    I don’t know if it’s an image from somewhere else or if you have access to the original, but the example for the privacy icons (with Google) has a typo: “shares” should be “shared”.

    • I think it’s all good. Agreed the suggestion about mozilla mission and what it has to do with drumbeat. I’d probably add some hint about being more social and with a post-site approach… 🙂

      Last one: is there a particular reason why you didn’t specify yet any specific CC license?

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