What does the web mean to you?

December 17, 2009 § 1 Comment

As I blogged the other day, I’ve been asking people for ideas on the ‘movie about the web, by the web‘ concept. One of my thought experiments was to simply ask people: what does the web mean to you? I edited the answers together as quick video poem just to see what it felt like.

Also: watch or download as OGG open video.

In some ways, the result is a bit schmultzy. But there is a nice affirmation also: people are totally ready to talk eloquently about very big ideas about the web. This is a good thing as the goal is to make a massively collaborative movie that helps people understand the web and why the fact that it’s open matters so much. It think the citizens of the web are more than ready to pitch in to do this.

If anyone’s interested, I’d love to see other clips responding to the ‘what does the web mean to you?’ question. Just you talking. Or you and your friends. You can just paste links below as comments. It’ll keep the thought experiment going.

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