Drumbeat notes #5 – questions (and scenarios)

September 23, 2009 § 2 Comments

This is the fifth in a series of notes posts about Mozilla Drumbeat. It lists the five biggest questions we need to answer about Drumbeat right now and proposes the use of scenarios to answer these questions. These notes are drawn primarily from recent conversations with Jenny, Chris, Matt, Brian and Mitch, a brainstorm on groundgame strategies as well as a brown bag discussion in Mountain View.

Drumbeat Questions

Starting point: everyone I have talked to so far is excited by the overall Drumbeat concept. All think that Mozilla should step up to help people become stewards of the web as a public resource. And, with small variations, there is broad agreement with Drumbeat’s proposed focus (topics like the open web or identity) and tactics (online engagement and campaigns combined w/ various kinds of on the ground events). This is good, but it only goes so far.

We need to dig deeper. To help with this, I’ve gone back over my notes to look for the most common questions that are still coming up. They fall into five broad categories:

  1. Framing: How do we explain the topics we choose to focus on simply, creatively and optimistically? What research, writing, etc. can we do to help with this explaining process?
  2. Audience: Who are we trying to engage? What are they motivated by? How do their motivations match with our goals?
  3. Campaigns: What specific campaigns should we start with? How do people move up the ‘ladder of engagement’? How do we set things up so people can easily generate their own campaigns?
  4. Geography: Where are the best places in the world to start work on Drumbeat? Where do we have strong communities and potential partners?
  5. Partnership: How do we build a big tent while still focusing most of our resources on issues that matter most to Mozilla? Who’s on the map of allies and partners?

While I (and the people I’ve talked to) have ideas on these questions at a high level, we need to get more concrete than that. I propose that we spend the next two weeks working through specific scenarios answering these questions. Each scenario will focus on a particular topic and geography that we might work on during Drumbeat’s first year (2010).

I’ve created a rough scenario template and written out a sample scenario focused on the broad topic of the internet as a public resource. I am also going to work with people at MozCamp Europe in Prague as well as other people from the extended Mozilla community to flesh out other scenarios. Please consider joining the Drumbeat mailing list to comment / critique / improve these scenarios as they emerge. Also, if you’ve got a scenario in mind, outline it as a comment below or on the mailing list. I’d be happy to help you flesh it out.

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