Poster campaign for One Web Day?

August 31, 2009 § 6 Comments

On Friday, I asked for simple Mozilla One Web Day campaign ideas. People have offered up good suggestions both online and verbally. One suggestion I got face-to-face was a basic poster campaign celebrating the open web. It might look something like this:

One Web Day Poster Idea

… but with real design and in an easy-to-print format.

We could invite people to put this poster in their cubicles or workspaces, local stores and libraries and even in the windows of their homes. We could also encourage them to take a picture of themselves with the poster. Something like:

One Web Day Poster

… and then post it to the web. We’d probably also have a contest for best photos etc.

This feels like a simple and fun way to meet our goal of getting people to think about the web as something they value. Which in turn is a step towards promoting the idea that the web is an important public asset. What do you think?

§ 6 Responses to Poster campaign for One Web Day?

  • Hmm. I like it. It might be more “open” if you made it black and white so that people could color it in themselves? Or maybe it could be a basic empty browser window that people could fill in themselves?

  • David Eaves says:

    I like it too.

    To build on it (although at the risk of making it too complicated) it might be nice to have a “Build your own I heart the Open Web Poster.”
    That way, in addition to a basic template we could make each object in the poster one that you can move around so you can redesign your own poster and print it.

    Might also be nice to allow for some customized text so people can put time and address for a local event they might decide to host or even just to put their name on it…

  • John Britton says:

    I love the idea. I even like the simple hand drawn poster. Why not supply the text and an ‘official’ poster, but encourage people to remix and create their own posters to express themselves.

    I could see printing the original, cutting it out and rearranging the pieces.

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