Looping back: describing Mozilla, briefly

July 27, 2009 § 1 Comment

Early last month, I posted a number of blurbs describing Mozilla asking which blurb worked best. The plan was to get as many people as possible involved in improving the standard boilerplate text we use to describe Mozilla in press releases an the like. And, it worked.

The Amazing Melissa Shapiro used the ideas gathered online to update the boilerplate just before the Firefox 3.5 launch. Here’s the text that shipped:

Mozilla is a global community of people creating a better Internet. We build public benefit into the Internet by creating free, open source products and technologies that improve the online experience for people everywhere. We work in the open under the umbrella of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation. Everything we create is a public asset available for others to use, adapt and improve.

This feels like a better description of Mozilla today than the old boilerplate. However, it still needs work in terms of a) snappiness and b) communicating the real essence of Mozilla quickly to people who don’t know us. Melissa and I are both committed to working further on this over the coming months.

In the meantime, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who shared their thinking on this. You have helped a ton. We’ll be back for more community thinking on this in future.

PS. Survey results available here if you’re interested. The numbers don’t tell us much, but the open ended comments are very useful.

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