Moz Fdn team priorites

April 22, 2009 § 4 Comments

Earlier this month, the Mozilla Foundation team held a virtual work week (voip + wiki go a long way) to go over our priorities for the year. Mostly this was about refining ideas we’d already discussed in the past, and making some choices about where our small four person team could have the most leverage and impact. Here are the high level goals we came out with:

  • Communications: Develop clearer messages and better systems to explain Mozilla’s open web mission to a broad public.
  • Community: Work with other Mozilla organizations to strengthen and grow the Mozilla community, especially in key geographies.
  • Programs: Develop a small handful of programs that go beyond software as a way to promote Mozilla’s mission (e.g. education).
  • Organization:Consolidate and strengthen the Foundation team, and develop a long term vision that clarifies the Foundation’s role within Mozilla.

Each of these goals is tied to a specific activity that someone on the team is working on with people across the Mozilla community. Some of the highlights include:

  • Redesign to better communicate Mozilla’s mission and provide an entry point into the Mozilla community.
  • Explain and promote Mozilla’s hybrid organizational model, making the link between our mission and how we are organized.
  • Make it easier for community members to organize small local events like MozCamps that allow more people to find out about and get involved in Mozilla.
  • Develop a Mozilla Education program, including an effort to expand the impact of the Seneca / Mozilla course model.
  • Refine Mozilla’s accessibility strategy, focusing on ubiquitous zero-cost accessibility tools, accessible innovation and design in Mozilla, integration of accessibility into standard web development tools.

At the same time, the team and board are also working on a longer term vision and roadmap that will clarify the role of the Foundation within Mozilla. Experiments like MozCamps and Mozilla Education are designed to feed into this roadmap process.

There is a full list of goals and activities on the public Mozilla wiki. There is also a new Mozilla Foundation team project management dashboard up on the wiki, which we’ll keep evolving as the year goes on. Obviously, these Mozilla Foundation team activities are only a tiny piece of what the overall Mozilla Project is working on.

All of this remains a work in progress, so feedback, comments and questions encouraged.

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