Open. Community. T-shirts. Very cool!

December 4, 2008 § 5 Comments

I’m super happy to see the Mozilla Community Store go live today. It’s one more step in open sourcing Mozilla’s story. People in the community can create and upload their own shirt designs. Any then others can customize and print around the designs they like. Here’s what it looks like:


Right now, all the designs come from the Firefox 3 t-shirt contest that happened earlier this year (some amazing stuff). Hopefully, we’ll see more and more designs up there in the near future. And, if I’m guessing right, we won’t just see Firefox shirts: people can also post designs for Thunderbird, Bugzilla, SeaMonkey and other Mozilla projects. Shirt hackers, here’s your chance.

Long term, I hope this store can become even more. A way to promote and connect people doing design for Mozilla cause. A way to swap ideas amongst designers. A part of telling the Mozilla story better, and constantly evolving it. I know Tara and John are thinking about stuff like this. Happy to pitch in to make it happen. It’s cool, and it’s important.

PS. to all my friends: I guess you know what you’re getting for Christmas, huh?

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