Thank you Barcelona

October 28, 2008 § 1 Comment

Thank you, thank you, thank you Barcelona. MozCampEU was productive, insightful and (almost a little too much) fun. It helped me better understand the richness of community that has made Mozilla so successful in Europe. So much passion. So much hard work. Across so many cultures and languages. And, all with a deep sense of humour and joy. Really, it was magical to be immersed in this for two days.

I also came away with many concrete outcomes. Clearer thinking on how the Foundation fits into Mozilla 2010 goals. Strong lines of communication with Mozilla Europe board members. And fresh ideas for events that spread our values, dramatically expand our community and make it easier for people to participate in building a resilient open web. All of this is super helpful during a time where we’re shaping what the Foundation will do and be next. I am grateful.

There are already notes online from the various 2010 goal discussions. Tristan and I will clean these up and create a summary in the next few days. We’ll send this around in an e-mail to all who participated. Also, I’ll be posting more thoughts on some specific ideas about events and community, but probably not until after the Foundation team meeting that is taking place in Mountain View this week.

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