Getting ready for GK3

May 6, 2007 § Leave a comment

Singapore, April 2007. On a quick stop through Singapore last week, we held a number of meetings to get ready for this December’s GK3 event. In the room: Marcia from IDRC; Florencio from; and Dash from Warisan Global in Kuala Lumpur.

The up shot of the meeting was this: the team has agreed to use GK3 as a major gathering point for our partners this year. At the very least we will be doing two things:

  • Leaders Forum that will gather all of our networks and ambassadors in one place. The idea is to get these folks in deep learning and deep collaboration planning modes. It will happen on the two days before GK3.
  • Telecentre Track at GK3 that mixes our grassrootss partners up with corporates and thinkers from the broader ICT4D space. The aim here will be to give our partners both a stage and a feedback from smart people working in different contexts.

We also explored the idea of a Telecentre Village, which would be a trade show for telecentre models. Talking this through helped us understand that this may me a bigger and more complicated task than we thought. We need to dig into this at the GKP meetings in Europe next week to see if there really is the demand for doing something like this. If we do go with the Village idea, Dash from Warisan will help to roll it out.

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