Feedback loops

December 11, 2006 § Leave a comment

Porto Novo, Benin – November 27 – December 2, 2006. It’s worth a small blog posting to note that last week’s Benin Forum included three sessions gathering feedback on the community web site. Led by Esther Nasikye from Ugabytes and Leonce Sessou from Songhai, these sessions let people know about the site and asked them how it could better meet their needs. Unsurprisingly, many people wanted to see more of a focus on e-mail and simple tools. There wasn’t much demand for fancy tools like podcasting, as far as I can tell. Esther and Leonce have now taken on roles as part time editors for the community. In these roles, they will be able to do something with the feedback they received … and also get other African telecentre leaders involved in bringing the online community to life. There seemed to be a fair bit of commitment and interest on this last count.

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