Where to network: regional or national?

March 26, 2006 § Leave a comment

Budapest, Hungary – March 21, 2006

In every part of the world, the question of regional vs. national telecentre networks is a tough one. Can regional networks offer services that really benefit telecentres on the ground? Can national networks reach enough telecentres to deliver services cost effectively? If you need both, where is the line between them?

These questions are certainly key for both EUTA and telecentre.org as we look at how we might cooperate to serve European telecentres. One factor is the fact that the European Union has already created a culture of thinking and cooperating regionally. On the flip side, EU-wide networks in other fields often focus on policy issues, never making it to providing practical programs or services.


The good news is that EUTA has teamed up with Marianna Posfai from C4LI. C4LI has successfully run a network of 4000 land management professionals across 18 central and eastern European countries for a number of years. It is likely that she will be able to help EUTA come up with a model that strikes a balance between broad reach and on the ground impact.

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