A clear(er) way forward

March 8, 2006 § Leave a comment

Bern, Switzerland – March 6, 2006

Getting off the plane from Delhi and onto the train to Bern was a lovely shock. Switzerland had just been hit by heavy snow. The endless rail line trees were pure, white, dreamlike. It was a wonderful sight to clear my mind and prepare me for business planning discussions at SDC.


On Monday morning, the main topic of the day was ‘objectives and outcomes’. The conversation with Gerhard and Veronika provided some real breakthroughs in this area, helping to create a clearer picture of ‘what’ we want to achieve (as opposed to how to achieve it). As it stands right now, the core objectives for telecentre.org moving forward will be:

  • Convening: build social capital, facilitate partnerships and sow the seeds of new networks by regularly convening telecentre leaders and champions.
  • Network capacity: increase the ability of networks to provide high quality training, technical assistance and other services that improve telecentre sustainability by making investments in network capacity and planning.
  • Knowledge sharing: help telecentres learn new skills, adopt innovative social enterprise models and deliver better community training services by facilitating knowledge and materials sharing across the telecentre movement.
  • Services and content: improve the ability of telecentres to attract users, deliver valuable information and generate revenue by investing in services and content that can be easily offered at the local level.

The other big change that emerged before (meeting with Shaddy) and during the SDC meetings was the switch to an explicit focus on services and content. These items had previously been under an objective called ‘innovation’, which was quite vague. This has now been replaced by a dedicated services and content objective.

Still need to discuss all this with our team and other partners, but no question this is progress. Great to work with the SDC people on this.

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