Emergent thinking

February 3, 2006 § Leave a comment

San Francisco, USA

Running along the Embarcadero, Green Day blaring, it struck me that San Francisco is a wonderful place to ruminate. Which is fortunate if you’re in the middle of writing a business plan.


The telecentre.org team started working on its 2.0 business plan in early in January. The investment lines and services have come pretty easily. Yet, there a number of big-ish, niggling questions …

•    How do we play the tension between emergence and rigour, both of which we need in copious quantities? A what does emergent governance look like (if it looks like anything at all)?

•    Where is the line between ‘what we do’ (social investments) and ‘what we catalyze’ (a rich business ecosystem supporting telecentres)? What does a catalytic investment look like?

•    As we look to expand our pool of partners, what’s the right balance between low barrier to entry and having real skin in the game?

Tough questions, surely. But, looking back over the past week, nothing that San Francisco, smart friends, focused meetings and a bit of rock ‘n’ roll can’t tackle.

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