Suburbia at night

December 18, 2005 § Leave a comment

Seattle, USA

On a crisp, clear night, even suburbia looks beautiful. And that is exactly where I found myself as I arrived in Seattle for the Grameen Foundation USA‘s village computing consultation (ironic, huh?). Packed between a McDonald’s and a shopping mall fancier than you ever see north of the border, I checked into the Silver Cloud Inn about a mile from the University of Washington.


The aim of Grameen’s village computing research project is to take a ‘snapshot of the field and where it is headed’. The field, as conceived for this project, contains a combination of people working on entrepreneurial kiosks and more socially oriented telecentres. An interesting mix if you can actually get people seeing the commonality in the middle of these two models, and bring them together to generate so really innovative (and feasible) new social enterprise ideas.

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