November 27, 2005 § Leave a comment

Reflecting back at the hurly burly week that was WSIS, I can’t stop thinking about the amazing group of telecentre people we were able to gather.

After nine months searching for people who share our vision of telecentres connected to each other, we had three passionate partners join us on the podium at the launch …


… Sulah, Priyanthi and Ivan, showing how their stories are beginning to intertwine with ours. We also had sixteen passionate telecentre leaders pitch in to become the heart and soul of our workshop series

… and begin to construct the collective narrative of through conversations, through blogs, through action. And, of course, we had well over a hundred people join us at the workshops themselves, taking a risk to …


… talk to people they didn’t know, form connections across continents, and begin to build the puzzle which is the future of the telecentre movement.

Rome, Italy

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