A sprint to the starting line …

November 7, 2005 § Leave a comment

Most people sprint to the finish line. Last week, the telecentre.org did a sprint to the starting line — the launch of our new program at WSIS in Tunisia.

The sprint in question was a time-boxed content development and bug testing session for the wsis.telecentre.org web site. This site will serve a coordination point, collaboration engine and storytelling repository for our WSIS events.


Very fun, and productive, to do this. We got alot of the site built. But we also got a taste of our own dogfood — seeing what happens when you throw up a set of sites quickly, try to do something real with them, and then iterate.

The result was occasional frustration followed but rapid progress, and ultimately a set of sites that will serve as great scaffolding for our events at WSIS … and the networks that follow on from there.

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