Sugar town

September 3, 2005 § Leave a comment

Xinavane, Mozambique

Xinavane is a sugar town. More precisely, it is a town surrounded by endless cane fields and with a sugar factory at the centre. Almost everyone in Xinavane works for the sugar company.


So, when UNESCO and CIUEM started working with local community members to set up a CMC, one of the first things they did was talk to the people who run the sugar company.

What could a sugar company expect from a CMC? Technology training and local news for the people in their community. What could a CMC hope for from a sugar company? A free building on the main road through town, right beside the local school. And, in an impressive and very local take on the idea of multi-stakeholder partnership, that is what they both got.


Operating much like the Chok’we centre we’d seen earlier in the day, the Xinavane CMC really demonstrates what can happen when you set up a telecentre that has concrete local value, and then connect it up with business or government interests that want (or need) their community to be a healthy one.

As looks at both multi-stakeholder partnerships and sustainability over the coming years, we definitely need to keep an eye on the local … not just as a place to offer services, but also as a place to draw strength and resources from.

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