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July 14, 2005 § Leave a comment

Delhi, India

Okay, enough of praising Mission 2007. I’ll keep saying that it is astonishing effort backed by an impressive and diverse cast of characters. It is these things. But talk is cheap. It’s time for action!


Yesterday, I stood on stage beside India’s Minister of Finance to announce’s commitment to support the capacity building efforts of Mission 2007. I said something like:

Through the initiative, IDRC, Microsoft and our other social investors plan to provide significant support for the work of the Mission 2007 Capacity Building Task Force. In particular, we would like to invest the in development of the body of knowledge and curriculum that will be needed to meet the goal of one million master trainers.

… and also …

Of course, there is also a need for materials like these in many other countries. We believe that, as a standard setter, India will create a series of village knowledge worker training programs that could be useful to people working in telecentres in many countries. We would also like to help Mission 2007 share the curriculum it develops with these countries. We hope that we can help the good ideas – and good spirit – of Mission 2007 to travel far and wide.

Sidenote: Some may think it is lazy to cut and paste from your own speech. I think it adds realism, and offers a salute to the long blogging tradition of quoting people, including oneself.

So, now the action begins. Working hand in hand with many of the people I met on my last trip to India – people from M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, NASSCOM Foundation, One World South Asia, N-logue, TaraHaat, Datamation Foundation – we must take on the serious task of figuring out what exactly what the ‘curriculum needed to meet the goal of one million master trainers’ looks like.

As of today, the plan is to hold a workshop of people who train telecentre managers in India in September. This workshop will give folks who are already doing this kind of training work a chance to share experiences, offer up training materials they already have and identify the generic curriculum building blocks that Mission 2007 needs. It may produce some new friendships amongst people who train telecentre managers for leading Mission 2007 projects (hmm, new friendships amongst people who all have similar jobs … my more academic friends might call this a community of practice).

If all goes well, the people who meet at this workshop and the building blocks they create will provide acts as seeds that eventually grow into ‘one million master trainers’ across India.

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