Exporting hubs and spokes

July 11, 2005 § Leave a comment

Delhi, India

Over the weekend, I had a chance to watch good ideas travel. The ideas in question were travelling from Pondicherry, India. Destination: all across Afghanistan.

I’d snuck into a meeting between ICRISAT and the Afghanistan Ministry of Agriculture in IDRC’s Delhi office. The meeting was focused on getting better technical and market information into the hands of Afghani farmers – people who have been cut off from up to date information by 30 years of war.

In order to reach this goal, Ministry of Agriculture (plus the Ministry of Communication) is going to borrow and extend the village knowledge centre hub and spoke model created by MSSRF. This model has proven its power as a tool for rural development in India, and now its being adapted to Afghanistan by ICRISAT’s Dr. V. Balaji (who used to work for MSSRF).

This individual transfer of knowledge is interesting in it’s own right. But what is even more impressive to me is that India is essentially ‘exporting’ telecentre models. It is sharing what it has learned. My guess is that, with the growth of Mission 2007 and other telecentre networks around the world, the sharing of telecentre ideas (and maybe even exporting of telecentre technologies) from country to country will become more commonplace.

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