Convene. Connect. Catalyze.

June 20, 2005 Comments Off on Convene. Connect. Catalyze.

Gatineau, Quebec

“Do you mean knowledge sharing? … or convening? Shouldn’t this part of the program be called ‘convening’?” These were some of Rich Fuchs’ first words at the team retreat last week. And, they were very helpful words.

In the end, wants to create stronger telecentre networks, stronger telecentres, stronger communities. These are the goals.


But, of course, reaching goals happens one step at a time. And, convening telecentre leaders is definitely the right first step (and is also something we need to keep doing). Being in the same room is key to building the relationships, sharing the knowledge and generating the new ideas that will eventually make telecentres stronger. It is key to creating networks that are real, and rooted.

Reminding ourselves of this – and tweaking the language in our program vision – was a good way to start a two day retreat with our new team. It not only gave us clarity, but also gave us metrics to measure ourselves against. Things like: “Are we a group of people who can convene telecentre leaders in a way that will let them drive the process?” and “Do we really believe in the power of networks generate good ideas and address the needs of their members?”


Happily, the answer to both of these questions was a resounding ‘yes’ from all of my new colleagues. More importantly, it was not just a mumbled verbal ‘yes’. It was a loud YESSSSSSSSS WE BELIEVE IN NETWORKS expressed with our bodies, our words and our laughter as we tried out network building techniques we’d learned in the Aspiration workshop a few days earlier.

Hearing this loud noise and watching it all unfold before my eyes, my heart lit up like a Christmas tree. has a team that believes networks, and can make this work. I am overjoyed. 🙂

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