Becoming many, becoming one

May 24, 2005 Comments Off on Becoming many, becoming one

Delhi, India

While I only had a too-short 90 minutes to meet with One World South Asia, it’s worth reflecting on this time quickly.

I’ve known and followed One World since it started up outside of Oxford, UK in the mid-1990s. In that time, it’s grown from a small idea into a large international initiative … and now finally seems to be shaking out into something that looks much more like a network. Meeting with OW South Asia, this is clearly a group that is driven from India, and not from London.

As in Africa, the Open Knowledge Network project of OW South Asia is working with the same sort of people that wants to support. Datamation. MSSRF. TARAHaat. And so on. Of course, the focus is different – content rather than support and training. But there is a common audience and, I think, a common cause.

We’ll get a chance to learn more about OW South Asia as we proceed with the recently funded Mission 2007 partnership case study, and as we look at ways to work more broadly with Indian telecentre leaders on issues like training. I am looking forward to it.

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